What No One Tells You About Outdoor Rug Cleaning

Outdoor rugs often get exposed to condensation, moisture, dirt and dust particles. These pollutants then cause deterioration of your beautiful outdoor flooring. So, how can you protect it from significant damages? Let’s talk about outdoor carpeting care and what rug cleaning specialists do to wash them thoroughly.

Cleaning Tips by Rug Washing Perth Experts

  • Store your rug away before it rains. 
  • Buy a mould and mildew resistant outdoor flooring. 
  • Keep an eye on the level of foot traffic it gets. 
  • Check rug’s care label ask retailers for washing instructions. 
  • Hire professional rug cleaners for Power-washing, sanitising and deep cleaning your valuable outdoor carpeting. 
  • If you have synthetic outdoor flooring, you can get it steam-cleaned by the best rug cleaners, or you can do it yourself as it dies don’t bleed. 
  • Air-dry your rug naturally on a sunny day and hang it outside to eliminate germs and wetness.
  • For decades, consider hiring the best rug cleaning Perth company for deep-sanitising, stain removal, and overall cleaning treatment if you want to keep flooring for decades.
  • You can use a soft-bristle brush with a cleaning solution and water to clean stains from outdoor floorings. 
  • Baking soda can be another reliable cleaner for your rugs. It also removes odour from the flooring. 
  • While cleaning your outdoor carpeting at home, be cautious not to use any robust cleaning solution that is not suitable for your rug type.

How to Store Your Outdoor Rug in Off-season? 

Changing temperature and climates can ruin the beauty of your outdoor flooring. You should store these rugs at a safe place in the off-season; before storing the carpetings, clean and dry them thoroughly. If you stow away a rug with moisture, it may develop mould. Similarly, dirt and stain particles will damage your flooring’s fibres internally. Ensure complete removal of dampness, dirt and stains.

After cleaning the rug, roll it up and wrap a plastic bag to protect it from outside dust. Store it in a dry place to avoid mould and mildew growth. You can also ask professional rug cleaners for a deep cleaning treatment before storing the flooring.  

How to Dry an Outdoor Rug? 

Drying is as vital as cleaning a rug. If you clean your flooring with highly effective cleaning solvents, use the best-in-class tools and leave it with moisture, it can ruin everything. Believe it or not – your flooring’s worst enemy is dampness. Once you wash and rinse the outdoor flooring, the next step is to dry it thoroughly in the sun. Avoid keeping it in a wet area for drying. Sunlight is the most effective sanitiser for guarding your flooring against moisture and germs. 

Aren’t well-maintained outdoor rugs look fantastic on your patio? Keep them outdoor, and they instantly make that space look super-special. With an annual rug cleaning service and expert tips, you can prolong the life of your expensive floorings. So, memorise these tips and always take care of your rugs!

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