New Favorite Hand Luggage from DB Bags

Are you on the lookout for some new carry-on luggage? Check out my review of DB Bags’ Hugger 30L and Backpack Pro backpacks to see whether they’re worth the price.

Are you thinking about getting a Db Journey Backpack, Db Journey Planner as a piece of hand luggage for your next adventure?


When you unpack any of the Db Journey Backpack, Db Journey Planner, the quality of their construction is the first thing you’ll notice. In addition to their polished appearance, they exude the air of luxury and refinement.

All of the Db Journey Backpack, Db Journey Planner range’s details, from the stitching to the use of metal clasps, seem high-quality and meticulously crafted.

Since I’ve spent a good portion of the last decade traveling the world, I’ve learned that the two most important things to look for when purchasing a backpack are durability and value. What’s more, I’ve been through a few of them myself!


Assembled Hook-Up

Perhaps my biggest appeal to the Db Journey Backpack, Db Journey Planner was its inventive “connect” architecture. The implication is that all of your stuff can be connected through cuts for easier portability. As a traveler with a lot of photographic equipment and a surfboard, this is a fantastic way to go across airports!

Technology For DB Rib Cages

A few thin ribs placed around the Db Journey Backpack, Db Journey Planner critical parts give it a little more security and help it maintain its shape even when it isn’t fully packed.

Pc/Laptop Separate Pocket

When it comes to protecting your laptop, the Hugger 30L PC sleeve is an essential must-have!

The Main Compartment Can Be Fully Opened.

For me, this is a crucial factor. Exposing the pack level and opening it like a bag makes it much easier to organize and access all of that data.

Color Variety

With a wide variety of shades to choose from, the Db Journey Backpack, Db Journey Planner collection can be tailored to your style. There are a variety of limited-shading discharges, so if you like a different color, such as lipstick red, or white, you may get it here!

Top Compartments With Easy Access

Both hand gear options I tested out furthermore included straightforward access top compartment – meant for those items you’ll have the option to seize successfully in a hurry. Think about identifications, power lines, power banks, and earbuds as examples.

The Hugger 30L Backpack Is Available For Purchase.

The Hugger 30L was the first of two Db Journey Backpack, Db Journey Planner I tested out, and it was the one to which I was first attracted.

Its well-thought-out design and generous sizing provided me with enough area for all of my camera gear (which was perfectly pressed in the CIA Pro Camera Insert, which I discuss in more detail below), as well as plenty of extra space for pressing 3D-shaped clothes and other things!

If you’re looking for a quick method to store items like headphones, a camera, or charging cables, the top section of this bag is a wonderful place to keep them.

Using the Hugger 30L (and all of the Db Journey Backpack, Db Journey Planner I’ve tested out) has shown me that they are well-designed, constructed, and comfortable. Everything you need to know about making your next trip a memorable one.

A 30-liter container measuring 55 cm in height, 32 cm in width, 22 cm profundity, and 1.2 kg in weight.

The Backpack Pro

It was Charlie’s choice; therefore it was the second of the Db Journey Backpack, Db Journey Planner I tested out. She has less photography gear in her carry-on than the Hugger 30L, but her hand luggage still takes up far more space than the average explorer’s!

On paper this variation incapacity is merely 4 liters, nevertheless, the Journey Coupons genuinely seems much more limited as far as what you can cram into it.

This backpack’s other useful aspects include the side water bottle pocket (which was lacking in the Hugger), detachable hip ties, and many more inside hierarchical compartments, which are perfect for links, archives, and other bits and bobs that you generally leave strewn about your bag.

Camera Insert For The CIA Pro

The CIA Pro Camera Insert was a no-brainer for me since my carry-on luggage is mostly made up of camera gear (see my entire vlogging setup and camera gear guide here).

As well as having customizable additions (I regularly switch between surf photography stuff and afterward lightweight vlogging gear close by my Mavic Air 2 Drone) the CIA Pro Camera Insert can likewise be an independent sling sack as well – which is extraordinary for throwing in the vehicle for road trips or putting away your pack securely at home.

Even though the Hugger 30L has more space above and before the camera pack than the Backpack Pro, the CIA Pro Camera Insert fits into both of these bags.

Even though it isn’t the strongest or most durable camera embed on the market, it gives a useful storage arrangement and is a fantastic addition to both of the 2 hand gear options I tested out.

As An Alternative, How About The DB Bags?

Despite a few initial qualms about the weight and estimation, they are both excellent bags.

Solace is one of the most crucial aspects of my DB Bags understanding since its well-made, silky, and generally pleasing.

I’d like a few more pockets and a better organization system, but again, this can be adjusted and tailored to your own needs using the camera accessory or a few pressing solid forms. Isn’t it amazing how everyone comes together and packs?

With both Db Journey Backpack, Db Journey Planner, whether it was for a week-long vacation in Cairns or a week-long trip to URBNSURF in Melbourne, scuba diving was no problem.

Because they’re not my go-to for hand gear, the DB Bags are going to last me a long time.

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