How to Maintain a Rug after Professional Rug Cleaning?

So, you had professional rug cleaners to deep wash your flooring. What now? How can you preserve that beauty and make your rug always look clean? With some expert tips and hacks, you can maintain the cleaning of the experts. Here is how you can do it: 

  Walking on a wet carpet is not a good idea. 

After a professional rug cleaning, don’t use the carpeting for a while; it’s conceivable that you’ll re-soil the area. Most professional carpet cleaning services use steam cleaning, and even though powerful equipment and machinery are used, the site will take time to dry. If your rug is ruined right after a professional treatment, it’s a waste of time and money. Wait till your carpet is completely dry before using it. 

Take off your shoes but don’t go barefoot.  

After all, it turns out that strolling barefoot across your freshly cleaned carpet isn’t such a brilliant idea. Your skin’s natural oils may leave an oily residue behind. This oily residue may give your carpet a soiled appearance and attract dirt. Instead of walking barefoot, stroll on your rug while wearing socks or slippers you don’t often wear outside. 

Keep an eye on your furry friends. 

It’s challenging to maintain your carpet spotless when you have dogs in the house. Professional rug cleaners advise removing any pet stains as soon as possible. If your pet sheds a lot, cleaning twice a week can help. Your pets’ sharp claws might rip your carpet as well. Trim and file your pet’s claws to keep threads from sticking and causing accidents. 

Blot spills or stains Immediately 

Whenever you face a stain or spill – blot it instead of scrubbing. Take a clean cloth, damp it with water and start blotting the stain. According to some sites, a carpet spot cleaner or stain remover should be used by rug owners. On the other hand, professional rug cleaners advise against using harsh chemicals, instead recommending that if water does not work, a tiny amount of dish detergent be used. If this does not work, seek assistance from a professional carpet cleaner. 

Vacuum frequently.  

Do you vacuum when your rug appears to require it? Vacuuming eliminates dirt and particles that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Whether you believe the carpeting needs it, frequent vacuuming will keep it looking clean for longer after a professional rug cleaning. Vacuuming regularly also aids in the removal of contaminants transported inside. 

 So, prepare your flooring to be clean till the next round of professional rug cleaning services. We know that dirt, dust and other pollutants can damage your flooring; however, with maintenance and careful cleaning, you can keep it look beautiful always. 

Hire professional rug cleaners at least once a year for deep cleaning and take care of your flooring for the rest of the days. Keep your carpeting spotless, smelling good and away from dirt, and you will do fine! It’s as simple as that. 

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