How Can I Encourage My Child to Study Tajweed?

As Muslim parents, it is critical that we teach our children how to correctly recite the Quran. learn Quran online with Tajweed, which governs Quranic recitation, should be taught to young children so that mistakes are not made later in life.

Begin When Your Child Is Ready 

There is no ideal age to start because each child is different. If you want to see if your child is ready, sit down with them for ten minutes and introduce a rule in a fun and engaging way, then watch how interested they are and ask questions to see if they comprehend.

Discover Online Quran Teacher For Kids

If Arabic is not your first language and doesn’t have the expertise or time to teach your children the Quran, the best solution is to find a certified Quran teacher online and learn the Quran online for kids. 

Choosing the right Quran instructor can assist them in learning the Quran properly and create a love for Allah’s verses in their hearts.

Be Consistent

Incorporate Quran reading into their everyday routine. Begin by reading to them while they are young, and as their tajweed improves, challenge them to find the tajweed rules in the Quran.

Consistency is important while learning something new, so even if you spend five to ten minutes repeating a rule, playing a game, or simply making the sounds of the letters, it will progressively boost their confidence.

Make Your Kids Listen To Quran Recitation 

Continue to play the audio recital of the Quran around your children as they grow older. It is critical for children to be familiar with the Quran since this will make it easier for them to read and memorize the Quran.

Make Them Revise Constantly

You should assist your children in revising and following up with what they have been taught on a daily basis in order to make the Quran knowledge that they get from the Quran instructor much better and stick in their heads.

Learn The Arabic Language For Your Kids

Because the Quran is written in Arabic, it is crucial to our understanding of the text. When you don’t speak Arabic, it’s practically hard to claim that you truly grasp the holy Quran. That is why, in order to learn the Quran, children must first learn Arabic.

Learn TafseerOf The Quran

The Quran contains a vast amount of material, far more than any of us would ever be able to comprehend in our lifetimes. That is why, while your children learn the Quran, you should teach them the history, background, or purpose behind each verse or chapter so that they can grasp it better.

To do so, you must understand Tafseer of Quran verses and chapters and pass that information on to your children.

Recite Loud In Front Of Your Kids 

If you are not actively reciting the Quran, none of these tips will be of much use to you. Because the more you recite the Quran, the more familiar you become with the words and the better you will be able to apply all you’ve learned and heard.

It is crucial to recite aloud rather than silently since it will help you become more adept, confident, and aware of your faults sooner. Reciting the Quran aloud also helps you keep track of time and improves the quality of your recitation.

Contrary to appearances, when learning how to properly recite the Quran, one can actually enhance their recitation in a shorter period of time than expected. However, in order for this to happen, you must be willing to learn and practice your tajweed on a regular basis.

Make lots of dua

Last but not least, a crucial stage in the journey is to make numerous dua to Allah, as he is the one who will bestow much barakah upon you and Help your youngsters in developing a passion for the Quran.

Bottom Line

Making your kids learn Quran online with Tajweed is quite a difficult task. It’s their playing age but they have the sharpest mind at that age. If they will learn at a very young age, they will get benefited from this rest of their life. Don’t get angry with your kids if they are unable to learn up to the mark because all kids don’t have the same capabilities. Apply the above steps to your kids and make them learn the Quran with tajweed.

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