DIY How To Make A Chocolate Bouquet With Balloons For A Special Person Gift

A birthday is a special moment in life. That’s why everyone will be happy if given a special gift on his birthday. Especially if it comes from the person you love.

Currently, there are many choices of gifts that you can give to your mother, father, boyfriend, best friend, or other closest people. You can choose gifts such as flowers, clothes, or hobby-related items to unique and cute ones, such as a Chocolate bouquet with balloons.You can find chocolate bouquet singapore easily in Flower Advisor.

A chocolate bouquet with the balloon is a series of well-arranged and beautiful balloons with added variations of round or bar chocolate.

A chocolate bouquet with a balloon is a gift that will give the impression that it is not too formal but unique and memorable.

Many people buy chocolate bouquets with balloons on special occasions such as birthdays, graduations,  and speedy recovery wishes. You can order it with same day delivery service.

Since when have balloons been used as gifts? How to make a Chocolate bouquet with balloons? This article will give you complete information.

History of ballon became choice for prize

When Michael Faraday invented the balloon in 1824, he certainly did not expect that the technology of making balloons would develop rapidly and become an alternative to gifts other than flowers.

The idea of ​​giving balloons as gifts dates back to 1976 when Joe Del Vecchio brainstormed a concept.

Del Vecchio thought People have always sent flowers to each other as an expression of love, gratitude, good wishes, and friendship. What if they replace it with balloons? Because he thinks balloons symbolize the innocence of children, love, joy, and happiness.

Since then, he has started to make balloon bouquets for various events and celebrations.

In the same year, a man named Treb Heining caught on to the idea and made an arch at the entrance made of a string of hundreds of balloons for party decorations, since then he has been called a professional balloon art decoration expert.

How to make a chocolate bouquet with a balloon

1. Equipment Needs

  • Large size transparent PVC balloon
  • Colorful little balloons
  • Balloons of various shapes (flowers, hearts, numbers)
  • Glue gun, clear insulation
  • Rolled ribbon and lacy pull the ribbon
  • Stickers for making text prints, made of glossy photo paper
  • Balloon ties or supports
  • Balloon pump – 2 types (manual for small balloons and electric pump for big balloons)
  • balloon stick
  • Chocolate bar
  • Round chocolate
  • Basket or pot as a bouquet container

2. How to Make

  • The first step is to make a sketch, to determine the outline of the Chocolate bouquet with a balloon theme. For example, you want to make it monochromatic
  • Blow the small balloons first, then after stringing the balloons,
  • You put it in a PVC balloon, put a sticker for your name or congratulations
  • Put a series of balloons on top of a pot or container,
  • Add chocolate bars and round chocolate.

Variety of Balloon Bouquet Variants

In addition to a chocolate bouquet with balloons, here are various balloon bouquets that you can choose as gifts for your loved ones.

1. Balloon hand bouquet

A small hand bouquet is the easiest and most memorable gift.

You can give it on special occasions such as proposals, wedding anniversaries or Valentine’s Day celebrations. You can arrange this balloon hand bouquet with additional fresh flowers or synthetic flowers.

2. Bloom box balloon

A bloom box is a big transparent balloon (40 cm to 90 cm) that contains a doll or flower.

Bloom boxes are usually made in monochromatic or pastel themes. Because of its simple and beautiful shape, a bloom box balloon will beautify the table at a baby shower event.

3. Standing flower balloon

Standing flower balloons are flower arrangements with balloon decorations. The balloon decorator places it standing on a wooden or metal stand.

Usually, the recipient will put a standing flower balloon at the entrance, as a form of congratulations for the grand opening of a new office, opening a store, or congratulating a change in management.

Tips When Arranging A Chocolate Bouquet With Balloons

  • In addition to chocolate, you can combine balloons with fresh flower arrangements, dried flowers, or preserved flowers. It aims to make it not seem boring.
  • Balloons for bouquets are generally made of thick and durable latex, so they don’t pop easily.
  • Combine neutrals and bold colors like black or gold
  • To make your eyes focused on the balloons and chocolates in your gift bouquet.

A chocolate bouquet with a balloon is one of the gifts you can choose to give for the special moments of your loved ones. If you have a lot of time, you can try making your own with the detailed guide described above.

If you don’t have any time you can buy it at several online gift shops, Flower Advisor is one of them. It provides a wide selection of gifts for all special moments.

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