6 Best Weight Loss Foods to Add to Your Diet.. NOW!

For this very reason, herbal remedies have remained quite popular and are a quick fix to many of our health issues. No matter if you are struggling with high pressure or acne, nature based treatments are there for you. 

Herbal Remedies – Cure From Nature

Let me tell you that one of my friends went for a herbal treatment to lose weight. She went to the best homoeopathic doctor in Karachi while struggling to lose weight with PCOS. From colourful seeds to vinegar, she ate a lot of different foods to lose weight. 

Our food choices matter, especially if we are looking to lose weight. Whenever we talk about weight loss, people often question what are some popular weight loss foods they could eat. Remember, every single food we eat possesses the nutritional value that makes it stand different from other foods in terms of calories. The type of nutrients a food contains can make it healthy or unhealthy but no particular food can be called a weight-loss food. 

What are some popular weight loss foods to eat?

Let’s look at some of the popular examples of weight loss foods.

1- Black coffee for weight loss

Black coffee for weight loss is often one of the most popular opinions we hear about weight loss foods. But can it help with weight loss? Well, studies reveal that the secret of black coffee for weight loss lies in its ability to affect the overall metabolism of the body. Black coffee contains an element known as chlorogenic acid that is known to suppress the release of glucose from the liver as well as hinders the formation of fat cells in the body.

Moreover, black coffee is a good source of caffeine that is known to increase metabolism and improve energy levels which can result in the suppression of hunger. Further, lack coffee is also known as a diuretic food that can certainly help your body to lose water weight. So, drinking black coffee 30 minutes before working out and a calorie deficit could aid your weight loss progress but drinking black coffee alone can’t make you lose weight.

2- Eggs- your perfect weight-loss weapon

Eggs are next on the list of common weight loss foods. Nutritionally speaking, eggs are rich in proteins along with healthy fats and several other vitamins and minerals. With fewer calories, eggs are one of the most fulfilling foods people with weight loss can surely rely upon. The nutrients present in eggs can improve a person’s metabolism and people struggling with weight loss can surely incorporate eggs in their breakfast considering they don’t pair it up with other high-calorie foods to maintain the overall calorie deficit.

3- Chia seeds for weight loss

Chia seeds, most commonly known as Tukh Malanga or basil seeds are nutrient-dense foods. These highly nutritious seeds are known for their many benefits and have high fibre content. Other than fibre, chia seeds are a good source of several important minerals, high-quality proteins and omega-3 fatty acids.

After being absorbed in water chia seeds tend to absorb water, expand and turn into a gel-like consistency. Due to this property, these seeds can suppress the appetite resulting in restricted food intake which is one important cause for weight loss foods. You can consume chia seeds for weight loss by sprinkling on your salad, adding to your smoothie or even using chia seeds flour to cook.

4- Yogurt – magic bullet for weight loss

Yoghurt, an important member of the dairy family, is known for its high calcium content and improvement in bone health. Talking about calcium, this important mineral is known to aid weight loss if consumed as a low-fat product as it can reduce the formation of fat in the body. Other than that, yoghurt is a good source of probiotics or we can call them good bacteria that can improve one’s digestive health. Good health is associated with a better metabolism that determines the extent of weight loss.

5- Pulses for weight loss

Pulse is a general term that refers to beans, lentils and peas. Pulses are also one of the popular foods for weight loss. Due to their high fibre and protein content, pulses can keep you full for longer times. Eating these foods can create the feeling of fullness as it can slow down the process of digestion and signal the hormones that are responsible for making you feel full.

6- Water for weight loss

Yes, you read it right. Water for weight loss is not a myth but a well-accepted fact. This zero-calorie drink can be a perfect replacement for sugary drinks. Moreover, drinking water before having your meal can suppress your appetite. Further, drinking water can also boost the calorie-burning process as well as aid the removal of toxins.

Other than these, several other foods are categorised as the best weight loss foods. The fact is that no single food should be labelled as bad or good. There is no such thing as fat burning foods, if they fit your calorie intake and keep your body in a calorie deficit, this will surely make you lose weight.

Bottom Line!

To sum it up, no particular food contains fat cutting properties or can make you slim overnight. However, the foods we eat have a strong impact on our appetite. Some foods are more fulfilling than others and they can keep you full for longer times. Further eating certain foods can also kick-start your metabolism that can pace up your weight loss process.

Eating such foods can reduce your overall food intake which lets you consume fewer calories putting your body in a calorie deficit which can cause the change you see on the weight scale. Here are some popular weight loss foods that can help you shed those extra kilos.

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